Do You Really Need Custom Orthotics?

orthotics for feet problems

There are many instances where you might require the use of custom orthotics. You might need them if you have been struggling with keeping your feet moving properly. However, Podiatrists have particular criteria that have to be met to ensure that you can benefit from such orthotics and a good Podiatrist shouldn’t prescribe a patient with custom orthotics unless specific criteria is met.

Such custom orthotics are designed to treat problems relating to bunion, ulcers and other obstructions that can develop in your feet. Custom Orthotics can also be used to keep overpronation from being a threat to your foots biomechanics. This process, which entails the ankle rolling inward while walking, can result in foot and ankle pain over time. The right orthotics can help you keep from bearing with worse issues. Custom-made options, as the name suggests, are made specifically for your individual foot and can provide the extra help you need.

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What Are Custom Orthotics Anyway?

Custom orthotics are important materials that you can use to improve how your feet work. These are designed to align your foot and ankle into a proper position.

These look like insoles that you’d stick inside your shoes but they work with more than just keeping your feet comfortable. They help you to add to the cushioning that your feet might get. This is critical if you have diabetic foot ulcers and calluses on the bottom parts of your feet.

These may also match up with the contours in your feet. This helps you to support a normal walking pattern. That is, you will not have to adjust yourself far too much to make it easier for you to walk normally. This in turn allows you to walk with care and without worrying about extending anything far too much as you walk.

When Do Podiatrists Use Orthotics?

Podiatrists will use custom orthotics to take care of many different conditions that people have. A podiatrist will have to take a look at your feet and ankles to determine if you can benefit from using these.

Your podiatrist can help you out if you have significant pains in your ankles or feet. Your podiatrist will review how well your feet are moving and if you need to use particular orthotics to take care of your walking needs. The pains you might experience can be harsh and difficult unless you get the right treatment as soon as possible.

Also, your podiatrist will have to review how your feet are developing in terms of warts and other features that might be prevalent. This is especially critical if you have diabetes as your feet may be more susceptible to ulcers, sores and other serious problems. You will be given help through these orthotics if your podiatrist determines that you can actually benefit from what is being offered.

What Makes Custom Orthotics Better?

While you can always find plenty of orthotics over the counter, it is better for you to look for orthotics that can been made for your specific needs. These orthotics are made to fit your feet in particular. They can custom molded to fit around the unique features of your feet and can especially be molded to get them into a proper position. This is critical if you struggle with walking correctly and need some additional support.


Also, these can work with different cushioning features depending on the particular ways how your feet contact the ground. Some parts of your orthotics might be thicker than other parts. This can make a real difference if you are struggling to try and keep your feet comfortable. Every option is made differently and for specific requirements as one sees fit.

Most importantly, these can relieve pressures from different parts of your feet. Depending on how your feet and ankles move while walking, you might struggle with various movement problems where the pressure being applied might be too extreme or difficult. You will need to get some extra help to get these pressures to keep from being worse. With this in mind, custom orthotics can certainly help you with keeping your feet from bearing with too much pain.

Be sure to talk with your podiatrist if you need assistance with custom orthotics. Such orthotics can help you out if you need assistance with keeping your feet from feeling sore or if you struggle with your natural walking motions. These can certainly make more of a difference than anything else you might buy over the counter.